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A campsite with slightly stylish bungalows inspired by Indonesian Bali.
Since the facility is on a hill, the scenery is outstanding! At night, you can enjoy the starry sky, the sounds of insects, and the great nature surrounded by clear air.
"A relaxation salon" where you can spend the finest healing time, sticking to hand treatment. "Asian sarou" ceremony with a healthy menu .
There is also "a Baumkuchen koubou" where you can enjoy a cafe.
Recommended for those who want to stay after enjoying the activities in Bigwave Minakami.
☎ 0278-72-5086

Tenjin Lodge

A family-run inn, in Joetsu National Park. Many international guests stay there. Korean, Japanese and English are available.
15 minutes by car
☎ 0278-25-3540

Hoshi no furu mori

A quiet forest camping resort where the lights of the city do not reach. Accommodations such as condominiums and log houses imported from Australia have impressive spacious living rooms and open windows. There is also a camp field with an auto camp site.
30 minutes by car
☎ 0278-23-7213

Lodge todomatsu
Lodge todomatsu

The condominium style. You can feel the flow of time that you can not taste elsewhere in the starry sky.
7 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-4411

Hotel・Japanese hotel・Pension etc

Onjyuku Mikawaya

This inn boasts high-quality hot springs and Joshu cuisine that you can enjoy in the hearth. All five types of private hot springs and meals can be enjoyed in private rooms.
25 minutes by car
☎ 0278-66-0172

Gensen Yunoyado Matunoi

You can enjoy open-air baths that spring from the source, family baths, and private hot springs, and you can also enjoy seasonal cuisine.
5 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-3200

Tabi no yuyado Seruban

This inn boasts a hot spring that springs from 100% source. Japanese and Western eclectic dishes with seasonal local vegetables and wild plants are popular.
8 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-2097

Tofu kaiseki Sarugakyo hotel 
Sarugakyo hotel

We are proud of homemade tofu and tofu kaiseki that make use of seasonal ingredients. An old-fashioned health resort with thick beams overhead.
35 minutes by car
☎ 0278-66-1101

Nagomi no yado Osawasou

They are proud of their dishes using vegetables harvested from their own farm.
30 minutes by car
☎ 0278-75-2107

Nitaya ryokan
Nitaya ryokan

Inn of natural hot spring. Comfort and price are attractive.
35 minutes by car
☎ 0278-66-0114

Nukumori no yado Tatsumikan

It is a rich warmth inn where you can enjoy mountain village cuisine made with charcoal fire, an open-air bath with a view of the garden, a private bath and a resort spa.
5 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-3055

Heartrest club 1959
Heartrest club

Refresh your mind and body at Bunano mori tamahara!
40 minutes by car
☎ 0278-23-9158

Hatago Shinden

Hatago boasting high-quality hot springs and specialty cuisine in Sarugakyo Onsen.
35 minutes by car
☎ 0278-66-0205

Hatago Yoshinaga

You will be greeted with warm hospitality and a calm appearance. Please enjoy a luxurious taste stuck to the seasons and ingredients.
30 minutes by car
☎ 0278-66-1515

Pension Asanebou

Private open-air bath overlooking the night ski slopes. Boasts European cuisine.
15 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-6761

Pension Applekan

An inn where you can feel as if you are at home.
60 minutes by car
☎ 0278-23-9216

Pension Pal

Their name「Pal」means their lucky color pastel. You can relax in the BGM of nature.
25 minutes by car
☎ 0278-75-2935

Pension Be

Nearest from both Minakami IC and Bigwave! There is a hot spring open-air bath.
3 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-5518

Pension Blueberry

A log house pension with a private open-air bath and an indoor bath.
7 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-5227

Hotel Sunbird

There are 11 types of open-air baths that can be rented out.
45 minutes by car
☎ 0278-75-2321

Guest house Saegusa

The taste of professional cooks is very popular.
11 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-5122

Guest house Nakajima

It is a guest house with a bright atmosphere surrounded by nature.
20 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-3797

Guest house Maniwa

This is a comfortable hotel run by friendly owners who like flowers. It is also recommended for student camps.
15 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-2445

Guest house Yagura

It is the closest guest house to Lake Okutone.
30 minutes by car
☎ 0278-75-2077

Minakami hot spring Amanoya ryokan

A homely atmosphere inn in Minakami Onsen.
5 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-2307


A long-established ryokan with a total of 17 hot springs, including a footbath, an open-air bath, a large public bath, and a private hot bath.
5 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-3221

Yuyado onsen Taiyoukan

Yuyado Onsen is located at the entrance of Mikuni Pass. Their hot spring water is good for drinking.
30 minutes by car
☎ 0278-64-0211

Japanese-style inn Higuchi

An inn with spectacular mountain and lake views.
26 minutes by car
☎ 0278-66-1500

Ryokan Sanrakusou

It is a long-established ryokan that has been in business for 74 years at the entrance of the Minakami Onsen Town.
15 minutes by car
☎ 0278-72-6203

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