Affordable price!!

Combo course is a combination of rafting and canyoning@GunmaBigwave

Combo is a one-day course with lunch combining rafting and canyoning.
Let's enjoy Gunma outdoors!
Enjoy lunch together! Check many reviews!
◆ Tour duration
◆ Required time
About 7 hours
◆ Normal period
set Dissolution
1 9:30 17:00
◆ Target age
Healthy person over 10 years old(No upper age limit)
◆ Price
JPY10,980(including tax-10%)~(It depends on the date)
Including equipment rental fee etc.
Free tour photos


Reliable with 20 years of operation experience Bigwave Minakami7Characteristic

Full-fledged canyoning and rafting course
Free tour photos
Enjoy BBQ
Good access and good location
Free pick-up from the nearest station
Credit card accepted!
You can participate only with swimwear and towels

●Full-fledged canyoning and rafting course

Full-fledged Canyoning Fox Course

Experience flying over the river!
Fox course is called premium course. It is a course conducted only by companies with a limited number of Minakami. The thrill of falling down a 20m waterfall! Not just Gunma. It is the best spot in east area of Japan.

You can enjoy Minakami's rafting as much as you want

Splashing feels good!A nice shot with everyone smiling!!
We have been operating for 20 years in a number of minakami rafting. We have fun tours. Big Wave Minakami will support your best holiday.

●Free tour Photos

You can see the photos right away!
You can take home some photos for free on the day. Easy take-away with your smartphone. The photo is twice as usual in rafting and canyoning! It is advantageous! LINE@Free for members

●See more Enjoy BBQ

The real pleasure in the outdoors! BBQ is also one of the fun
BBQ by reservation on the day is possible. No advance reservation is required. You can enjoy BBQ by bringing in. Local procurement is possible because there is a supermarket nearby.

●Good access, good location

Good access about 5 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway Minakami IC︕ Free parking for 50 cars、Motorcoach OK The base is close to Fox Canyoning and the travel time is short.

●There is also a free transfer from the nearest station

Free transfer to JR Jomokogen Station and Minakami Station. Reservation required. Transfer before and after the tour is of course also possible! Pick up and drop off at Minakami hotels near the station.

●All you need is a swimsuit and a towel!

Various rental items are available. Please be assured!
Just bring swimwear and towels. water shoes(Rental for 300 yen) Equipment rental, guide fee, insurance etc are all included prices.

●Credit card accepted

Tour flow

Before the tour

If you wish to pick up

we can pick you up from the nearest station. Please feel free to come.
Free pick-up from JR Jomo-Kogen Station and Minakami Station. We will pick you up before and after the tour. Pick up and drop off at Minakami hotels near the station.

By car

Large cars are OK! Please be assured that there is a large parking lot!
Good access, immediately from Minakami IC. Free parking 50 units, Motorcoach ok. Boasts good access and large parking lot.

Tour start

① set
This sign is a landmark!Don't forget!!
Please come at the meeting time. If you are lost or late, contact us without panic! I will do as much as I can.
② Change of clothes
First, listen to the description of the combo tour. Next, we receive wet suits.(There are various sizes.)Put your luggage on the shelf and valuables in the coin locker! Many sizes are available from XXS to XXXXL.
③ AM Canyoning
If you enjoy full-fledged canyoning, please visit us. The Fox Course is a premium course in Minakami Canyoning. Can only be done by a limited number of companies.
④ Lunch
The charm of the tour is a delicious lunch!
After canyoning, have lunch and enjoy rafting again. Discounted price with rafting and canyoning. Furthermore, it is advantageous with lunch. Satisfied with combo!
⑤ PM rafting
Please experience this exhilaration by all means!!
Exciting power、Thrills and screams, fun! Enjoy playing in nature. This is the charm of Minakami rafting.
⑥ Receive photos
Everyone smiles! !
You can immediately receive free photos taken by staff. Let's swell in the scene of memories of the day while watching the photos! Become LINE@ member and receive photos for free!
⑦ About showers and changing clothes
Take a shower and refresh!
When you arrive, you shower and change clothes. End the day with a refreshing mood by running the river water. Let's look back on a pleasant time with comfortable fatigue.
⑧ Dissolution
Experienced staff will guide you.
Happy memories are revived with comfortable fatigue and satisfaction with the experience. Please come again on holiday. We look forward to all the staff!

Word-of-mouth communication comment from a customer

Voices from customers will be the most encouraging.
I was worried about rafting and canyoning for the first time, but the guide told me kindly and it was a very fun day.


How long does a combo tour take?
Total 7 hours. During the combo course, we go back to our base and have lunch or toilet break.
Which comes first?
Basically, Canyoning first. However, rafting may come first depending on the situation.
How do you spend lunch?
We return to our base for lunch. The break time is about 1 hour 30 minutes. You can take a rest and toilet break.
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Company introduction

Open here!
Company name
Big Wave Minakami Co., Ltd.
Head office
〒379-1616 382-2 Kawakami, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma
Minakami Town Rafting Association
Minakami Town Canyoning Association

Safety initiatives

We have also received training!
Rescue instructors are enrolled and instructing. We are training to run a secure Combo tour. Our staffs have outdoor and rescue qualifications.

Staff introduction

We look forward to meeting you.
Introducing friendly and cheerful staff! We support your fun Combo tour! We have received high reviews from customers.


Booking flow

◎ Application from website

Step 1 Put the booking form
  1. Please fill in the reservation form with your desired date, course, number of people, name and email address.
  2. Press the application button and you will receive an email.
    Please check the contents of the email you receive.
Step 2 We will check the availability
Step 3 Reservation form
  1. When we can be ready your booking,we will send you a URL for credit paymant by e-mail.
  2. We are sorry,when we are already full,you can not take a reservation.
Step 4 Check your payment
  1. We check your payment by credit card.
Step 5 We accept your booking
  1. When the payment is confirmed by us, the reservation is completed.
  2. We will send you an e-mail about your reservation.
Participation Date
The number of Participants
Your name

◎ Notes on booking

For reservations made from the website, a booking confirmation email will be sent from Big Wave Minakami after completing the application. Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged even if you do not receive an e-mail from us due to unsolicited e-mail or reception refusal.
Cancellation charge
After booking via website or phone,
The following cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations, reductions in the number of seats, or changes in schedules, courses, or times after booking via the website or telephone.
8 days ago 7~4 days ago 3~1 days ago On the day
Free 30% 50% 100%
  • Depending on the customer's health condition (including drinking), tour participation may be refused on the day.
  • If you have epilepsy, you will need to submit a medical certificate from a doctor who will allow you to participate in the tour.
  • Tours are held even in the rain. However, we may be forced to cancel due to rivers and other conditions.
    In that case, transportation costs to the site will be borne by the customer.
  • Courses are subject to change depending on the weather and water level on the day.
  • In the case of rafting tour, even if you participate in a group, the group may be divided depending on the composition ratio of men and women on the day and the amount of water.
  • Tours are outdoor sports.
    Please be aware that there is some danger involved and participate.
  • Participation of each tour, those who are not the target age listed are not allowed.
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