Specified commercial transactions
Operating corporation :Big Wave Minakami Co., Ltd.
Operation manager :President Akihiko Uyama
location :382-2 Kawakami, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma
TEL :0278-20-4116
FAX :0278-20-4117
Required charges other than the product price
About payment
The purchase price should be paid in advance by credit.
About cancellation
1) Cancellation when we have a cause
  • In the case of credit settlement, we will respond by settlement cancellation processing.

  • Cancellation processing of credit settlement is performed within 10 days after accepting the cancellation request.
    In case of the credit settlement month is different from the cancellation month, the payment is debited to the credit company and then the canceled amount is returned.

    2) Cancellation due to customer's requests

    The following cancellation fee will be applied in case of cancellation by the customer's requests (including change of schedule, decrease in number of participants, change of course) after reservation via.

    No charges before 8 days of rafting day
    30% will be charged before 7-4 days of rafting
    50% will be charged before 3-1 days of rafting
    100% will be charges on the day of rafting

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